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If I wasn’t revising, this is what I’d be doing.

If I wasn’t revising, this is what I’d be doing.

Insight to my Mind

For over four years now I’ve been “writing”, and the reason I use inverted commas is because mainly I’ve been planning several projects - some I’ve begun, others remain in the back of my mind and small ideas jotted in the back of a notepad. No matter what though, I will eventually try to write each and every one.

One of my projects is a standalone novel, set in 2011 and the 1960s. I have characters, chapters and passages complete, so I’m almost ready to begin writing.

This isn’t the first book on my list though. 

This particular book is currently entitled The Last Wish -

Charlie Hunter once had it all: the perfect wife, the perfect children, the perfect job. The perfect life.

But on the day his loses his wife to a heart-attack, Charlie’s life slowly spirals and tears at the seams. With his children grown and independent, Charlie has never felt more alone, and he begins to become the man he swore he never would.

When Charlie discovers the terrible truth about his health, he has limit time to rekindle a relationship with his estranged son, who he lost contact with ten years previously. A blast from the past comes to aid Charlie, and a glimmer of hope arrives in the form of an eight-year-old boy.

Charlie fights against his own body to make peace with his family with the only emotion left at his side - hope. 

From the woman herself… (J.K. Rowling)

What is your advice on how to get published?

Firstly, you need to write something that a publisher would want to publish (it only takes one, but it might take a while to find them. If you are turned down by every single publisher in existence, you will have to consider the possibility that what you have written is not publishable). Next, you need to approach the publisher, either directly, or (which is advisable if you can manage it) by securing an agent who will act on your behalf. The best way to find agents’ and publishers’ addresses is to consult ‘The Writer’s and Artist’s Yearbook’, which is updated every year (Double-check that you are writing to the right person/people; don’t, for example, send science fiction to a publisher of medical textbooks). Wait. Pray. This is the way Harry Potter got published.

First passage & notes going up tomorrow.

She’s Back - J.K. Rowling’s NEW NOVEL “The Casual Vacancy”

27th September 2012.

So just to put it out there, if the world does end in December, at least we’ll have read it.


Exactly the same reaction I had!


Exactly the same reaction I had!

Never look down on someone unless you’re helping them up.
Back at it

It’s nice to say that I’m back to Tumblr for good… hopefully. I got rid of my last account because it wasn’t really going anywhere - it was very unorganised. You could say it reflected well on my personality. 

I wanted to come back because, as you can probably tell - I like to write. I say like, I love it. I’m usually writing if I’m at home. If not - I’m revising.

I would love more than anything to become a full time writer. I’d like to make it an occupation - or at least something that surrounds writing (or English).

So, mainly on this blog I’ll post passages I’ve written. 

But I’ll be posting other things too, because I don’t write everyday - and even if I did, nothing I write is perfect first time round. 

Followers would be much appreciated.